Tardy 8 Months and Flowers


Basil made it to 8 months a couple of weeks ago.  He’ll be at 9 months before we know it.
Take note of the size of the chair in the pictures below…

He wasn’t sure he wanted to sit in the chair, though.
He also had a special message for his Papou Boosalis.

Basil made an advance and can now pick up and eat cheerios!

He also really got into a book about a dog.
Here he is looking at the cushion bone part that hangs off.


Last week I decided Elizabeth and Basil had spent too much time inside, so I decided to take them to an inside somewhere else!

Hopefully there will be more videos soon.



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3 Responses to “Tardy 8 Months and Flowers”

  1. Katina Says:

    Oh these have made me even more excited to see you guys soon! Does he stick his tongue out when he’s concentrating now?

  2. Katina Says:

    i just noticed your witty remark about the size of the chair. side by side, it really does look like you’ve shrunk the chair. can’t wait to see you guys SOON!

  3. vagueperson Says:

    He’s a growing boy.
    We’re excited to see everyone. :)

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