9 Months and Bread!


9 Months!

Last week was Spring Break, and I baked every day!

First, a sourdough boule (with a weird opening in the top):

Then some pain a l’ancienne baguettes (my first try):

Then a couple of ciabatta (my first try):

Then focaccia (my first try):

It was after the first ciabatta that I realized the formulas I was using did not call for enough water.  This focaccia turned out well with much more water than called for.  This improved my second attempt at ciabatta.  Notice the first ciabatta loaf sitting atop the two new ones.

Ciabatta, try #2:

Then I prepared some Greek Pascha bread (first try):

All of these breads were cooked with formulas from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice, a wonderful gift from John Stiff some years ago.

After a week of baking and checking out bread books at the library, I promised my dear wife that I would not abandon teaching, go to culinary school, open a bakery, and lead us into bankruptcy.  I also promised to not try (yet).  If I can manage to keep up my interest and develop my skill, perhaps I will bake bread and sell it at Farmer’s Markets as a summer job.  Or perhaps I’ll just enjoy it at home and give it to friends.

Happy baking,



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