Walking Practice


We’re asking for trouble, aren’t we?



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4 Responses to “Walking Practice”

  1. John Says:

    Hey, that’s impressive! (And delightful) I’m betting he’ll be walking before his first birthday with that kind of practice.

  2. Katina Says:

    Basil’s on the move! He’s going to walk any day now. Incredible – and so cute.

  3. yia yia brooke Says:

    I FINALLY got a BASIL FIX!! Oh, and it just makes my day. Just a few more weeks and school will be out and I can try to make him laugh and hold him myself. Is he letting people hold him or has that stopped? He may have more stranger anxiety now. Hey….that Stella has killer eyes!

  4. vagueperson Says:

    He had some strong stranger anxiety for a while, but he seemed to lighten up well right around the time of his baptism, which was good timing. Nowadays he is especially unhappy with strange people if he is tired but he does pretty well when he is well rested. Hope to see you soon!

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