Pascha Weekend Post #1


There was too much to tell recently to try and get it all in one go.  We’re also awaiting photos from the baptism and chrismations, so there will be yet more to tell (or show).  However, I though it might be good to show some photographs that we do have while it’s still fresh in the mind.

Firstly, here’s Basil showing off the many uses of his wonderful high chair:

This chair is of Swedish design and handed down to us from Minnesota.  Can you guess which is Basil’s favorite position?

Stella enjoyed time with relatives and her mama:

But she really looked forward to spending some time with her older cousin, Basil.
Unfortunately, Basil has been watching a little too much professional wrestling

“Maybe I’ll try the ‘ole Mike Tyson…”

“Don’t run away from me!”

“One!  Two!  Three!  We have a new champ!”

“Take me back to San Francisco…”

No, really, I think they enjoyed their time together, but they’re not quite at the age of playing together.

Basil also got to have some quality time with the Nouna and Nouno:

We really enjoyed having them join us for this weekend.  Maybe they will become Chicagoans after all, but where will we be?  Lila and John did a great job with Basil during the baptism, but we’ll talk about that in a future post.

Basil has had the sniffles for quite some time, and he seemed to get worse after Pascha.  It might have had to do with changing his schedule or being around so many people.  In any case, he’s finally coming back around, losing some of the sniffles, and becoming interest in solid food again.

Last night, Elizabeth went to her monthly book club, and I put Basil to sleep alone for the second time in recent memory.  It went off without a hitch, and he slept pretty soundly until morning.  I started working on a sourdough loaf, and we seem to be back to a normal routine.



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One Response to “Pascha Weekend Post #1”

  1. Katina Says:

    Oh Stella did not want to leave Chicago. Neither did I. Miss you guys.

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