Hats, a mess, and more bread


Basil has been trying out hats recently, and he hasn’t yet settled on a favorite.  Maybe you can help him decide!  Let him know in the comments what you think of these looks:

a)  b) 

c)  d) 

e)  f) 

g) g) 

Also, this is how Basil has been having fun lately.  Not exactly a “family fun” activity… (he hasn’t learned how to put things back yet)

Lastly, I tried my old sourdough recipe with a couple of different results

And then tried it again with the addition of some kefalotiri cheese, leftover from Pascha.  It is amazing in its greasy, tangy deliciousness, says wife.



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9 Responses to “Hats, a mess, and more bread”

  1. markandclaire Says:

    I like look e! It’s so intellectual. Basil should just be in a cafe in Paris in that outfit, discussing Derrida. It’s well balanced by the next look, look f, which is really relaxed and unpretentious.

    These are just my opinions though. Mark will have to respond separately.

  2. Katina Says:

    (e) and (b) get my votes.

  3. lilagreer Says:

    i vote (a), and feel obliged to add (c) in as a close second. i LOVE (a). we have a full scrapbook somewhere of photographs of my brother in hats at this age and onwards; it didn’t even peak until he was 6 or so, at which point the collection (pith helmets, fezes, cowboy hats, rice patty farmer hats) grew out of hand. it looks like maybe basil is headed in this direction? i commend you on the asiago! and on basil’s predilection towards roving through reading material!

  4. lilagreer Says:

    also, all the fallen teddies in the background of (a) – along with way that the watch gripped in his hand looks like a concealed weapon before you zoom in on the photo – make basil look like a teddy-bear-assasinating gangster

  5. lilagreer Says:

    “assassinating,” excuse me!

  6. John Says:

    e) all the way – I’ve always liked that hat, and it looks mighty good on Basil!

  7. vagueperson Says:

    John, (e) is actually not the hat that I would normally wear. It is a hat that I wore as a child of about Basil’s age – my mom could ring in with more info if she reads this. It came with a little tie, too, though we haven’t tried putting anything around his neck like that (save the baptismal cross).
    Unfortunately, I lost that hat that you liked – we may take a trip over to Hats Plus to find another one; it wasn’t very expensive, but it was my favorite.

    Really, Lila, I think that’s all Basil thinks stuffed animals are good for – he has never played with one or even seemed to find them amusing. One day he may, indeed, become… the Shirtless Assassin! Killer and watch-er of teddy bears everywhere…

    Katina and Claire, (e) is a winner all the way. It’s a little big for him right now, which is good, I think, so he’ll be able to wear it when he’s a little bit more mature and might leave it on his head for a while before ripping it off.

  8. yia yia brooke Says:

    I think you had a picture of yourself in full outfit on your wedding site, didn’t you? Eric always liked the professional look when he was a little guy. He had a vest tie and this hat. He also liked the superhero look with underwear on the outside; ala SUPERMAN. It was just darling to see Basil in your hat.

  9. vagueperson Says:

    Here it is, but I’m not wearing the hat in this picture

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