We’re Orthodox


Actually, we’ve now been Orthodox for about three weeks – since Holy Saturday, April 3.  We finally got pictures of the service, so we thought we would write a post to share them and the story.

There were eight people total entering the Church.  Three were baptized and chrismated, including two babies.  The rest of us were already baptized and entered by chrismation only.

We began with the adults giving a profession of faith and being absolved of sins (confessions done earlier in the week)

Fr. Pat then turned to the babies and Ian for baptism.  The godparents bring the children through the baptism service, rather than the parents.  Basil’s Nouno and Nouna are John and Lila Stiff.  The priest also blesses the water.

They were then anointed and baptized.

We were all then chrismated and those who had been baptized were tonsured.

Tonsure hurts!

Back upstairs the baptized process around the altar during the liturgy.

Near the end of the liturgy, the newly chrismated are placed in the front of the line to take our first communion.

After the liturgy we get some group shots.

<— This one is a real keeper

Later that day we went to the Pascha service.  This was very tiring and waaaay past Basil’s bedtime  He mostly slept in the carrier on my chest, but he woke back up for the Paschal breakfast at about 2:00am.  We had loads of fun and were very happy to spend time with friends and Margie, who celebrated with us!

What a joyous time!  Thank you so much for everyone who was able to come and spend the time celebrating with us.

Christ is risen!



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5 Responses to “We’re Orthodox”

  1. markandclaire Says:

    Super cute pictures. I think in the big group picture Basil is crying because he’s next to Ian. <3 Claire

  2. Katina Says:

    The picture of Basil, mama, papa, and nouna and nouno in the sanctuary is really great. Thanks for posting these.

  3. John Says:

    Indeed, what a joyful day and night! Basil looks incredibly happy at 3 a.m. – must be something to do with the joy of the saints at Pascha.

    We were delighted to be a part of everything with you.

  4. Michelle M. Says:

    I saw your comment on another Orthodox blog, and wanted to pop by and say hi! Many years to your family! I hope your move went well and that you are able to settle in quickly.

  5. jvd Says:

    Eric, I found this post and your blog after doing some much-needed blog maintenance and updating with photos from my own chrismation. Great pictures! Looks like it was a joyous occasion!

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