Cute Pictures of Basil at 10 Months!


I’m pretty sure most people don’t read this blog for pictures of bread.  The last few posts have probably been a bit of a let down for Basil fans.  In an effort to please both bread and/or Basil fans, here’s a picture of him eating some raisin bread:

Besides bread eating, Basil has been very interested in small spaces.  Under the table is a favorite spot (especially when there is a broom evading cheerio on the loose):

Basil in a Bucket!  Basil in a Box!

After a bout of congestion and little interest in solid food, Basil started eating with gusto and pleasure again (pictured with dahl, rice, tomato, avocado, egg yolk, and spinach):

Basil has gotten very good at picking dandylions and enjoys crawling around the Point quite a bit:

And now, the better late than never 10 month photo!

look at those long legs!!!

and that grin!!

We’re off to the zoo today with our ONE year old friend Alexander… more photos to come.



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2 Responses to “Cute Pictures of Basil at 10 Months!”

  1. Auntie Katina Says:

    I want more pictures of bread!

    Just kidding! Bread is awesome, but Basil is far cuter. And oh my goodness, he is getting so tall. Give him a smooch for me. The pictures of him exploring the grass at the Point are especially adorable. Miss you guys!

  2. vagueperson Says:

    Maybe if we one day have another “bun in the oven” he or she will be named… Bread! You will take your words back, I’m sure.

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