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In my last post I discussed an experiment I was doing regarding a whole wheat starter versus an AP starter in a white sourdough boule.  The experiment also dealt with the dough proofed under plastic on a baking sheet versus in a wicker basket with floured kitchen towel.  Here are the results with the AP starter:

Clearly, the crumb on the left is much more open with irregular holes.  The crumb on the right is not bad but denser.  The boule on the left proofed under plastic on the baking sheet.  Another difference, however, is that the boule on the right had a deep score – so deep that it deformed it a bit:


What is also clear to me, however, is that at the rate that I’m feeding my starters, the whole wheat starter produced a more sour loaf.  I’m sure I could find a way to control for this, but depending upon the situation, it might be a tastier boule.

In other news, we decided to try some King Arthur whole wheat flour to see what could be done with whole wheat that’s not ground up poorly in the Vitamix.  If we’re going to one day try home-milled flour, we ought to know what well-milled flour can do.

These are with the same recipe I’ve been using for Honey Whole Wheat – this time with the KA flour:

If you compare these with the previous whole wheat sandwich loaves I’ve made, you’ll see that they had a much fuller and more even rise.  The crumb is much better suited for sandwich bread, though the flavor is a little less wheaty.

Exciting baking post coming up next!



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