Leftover Ralph Experiments


So, since I feed my two starters twice a day, I do develop a bit of leftover, even if it’s only about 80 grams each day.  It builds up.  What to do?

You’ve seen my first experiment – Whole wheat sourdough English muffins.

Second use: Sourdough pancakes

These were tasty, but we really over ate that day…

Recently I thought, why couldn’t I just take the starter and make more bread?  Maybe I should add some flour, I thought, in case the dough is too weak as it stands.  Well, I ended up adding a LOT of flour because of the formulas in my mind.  Since it was both white and whole wheat doughs, I thought it would be fun to make a spiraled loaf.  Unfortunately, I underestimated just how much dough I had!  Here are the results:

And…. the crumb:

It was huge, and I might have let it proof longer if I hadn’t been worried about it proofing right over the side of the baking sheet.  The leftover white dough tasted mostly like normal white sourdough – probably because I used it in the proportion of a normal sourdough starter in the formula.  The whole wheat was quite sour – likely due to the fact that I made the dough 50% pre-fermented dough.  I could give more detail if someone asks down below.

This morning we used it for French toast, but I’m not sure French toast benefits from a strong sour flavor…  Elizabeth perhaps disagreed.  Too late for pictures!

This will be the last bread post for now!  Thank you


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