Two New Videos and a Trip to the Zoo


Basil’s sense of humor is… unique.  We enjoy it a lot, but sometimes it’s puzzling.  Take this bout of laughter:

What could be so funny?  And how was it SO funny that I had time to grab the camera and record another spell of guffaws?

I was pounding the lumps out of the futon mattress.  Hilarious.

Basil recently got his seventh tooth which was a drooly, chewy, but not very fussy process.  I think it was a reason for Basil’s rediscovery of his tongue.  The first bout of tongue fascination was a little more intense.  But the noises this time are pretty incredible.

Last weekend we took a trip to the Brookfield Zoo with Alexander (the other baby baptized on Holy Saturday) and his parents and godparents.  It was a celebration of Alexander’s first birthday.  It was great fun. Basil seemed to like watching the people more than the animals.  I admit to liking the people watching and animal watching about the same.  I think Eric liked the primates best.  We failed to take a good group shot, but we did get a few of Basil meeting some goats.

Goats are scary!  Actually, the goats were a bit too friendly – which made them scary!  I had to pull part of the Ergo carrier out from deep within the goat’s throat, and Claire nearly lost half her skirt into its jaws

Also, check out this hair.  It’s how we know Basil is overdue for a bath.



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3 Responses to “Two New Videos and a Trip to the Zoo”

  1. Auntie Katina Says:

    Am laughing aloud at Basil’s hysterical laughter. What a delightful nephew I have!

  2. Amy Says:

    Ah! That laughing is hi-larious! Love it. So fun :)

  3. vagueperson Says:

    It’s only sad that one day he won’t laugh so heartily at my jokes because he’ll understand what I’m actually saying…

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