We’re Moving to Minnesota


on June 11.

If you read our friend Lila’s blog, you’ll realize what a sad moment of timing this is.  We move out of Chicago the day after they move back.

In fact, we are already halfway there.  No, I don’t mean to say that we’re in Mauston, WI, or its whereabouts.

This past weekend, Elizabeth’s parents arrived in Chicago with a full-sized moving van, and we spent all day Saturday loading it to its ceiling with our belongings.  It has already made its way to Minneapolis, and our apartment contents are in our future apartment.  Thank you so much, Margie and Chris!

Basil had quite a bit of fun while the apartment was in disarray.  Margie and Chris also enjoyed seeing their grandson during the process.

Chicago Public Schools ends on June 18th, so I will be taking a few days off to get up to Minneapolis.  The day after we arrive I will begin classes for a Montessori teaching credential at St. Catherine University.

I read a couple of Montessori’s books and observed in multiple Montessori schools, and I have became convinced that hers was a philosophy of education that I might really be able to embrace.  As of right now, however, I have yet to get a job.  If we remain jobless, we will return to Chicago where my job does not yet seem to have been cut.
If you’ve got more questions about our move, feel free to get in touch.

Before the Boosalis grandparents came through, my mother, Yiayia Brooke, paid a nice visit.  Most of this time I was working, but she got to see who she came to see!

We look forward to her visit with Papou Sam in July.



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6 Responses to “We’re Moving to Minnesota”

  1. yia yia brooke Says:

    Just got back from YOUR grandma Carol and was able to show her all the pics I took in Chicago. Your OTHER grandma, Birdie was here yesterday and I was able to also show her all the pics. She loved the house and she loved the pics, but, she thinks you were the most beautiful baby. I will be sending you some postal info and interesting pics when I get an address for you. I miss my baby Basil and Eric.
    Yia Yia Brooke

  2. Rebecca Says:

    We didn’t get to say goodbye to y’all last Sunday, and now you’re already gone! I’m sorry y’all are moving, and Alexander is very sad to see Basil go. Good luck with the Montessori classes…I’m a tad envious. ;-) – Rebecca

  3. Auntie Katina Says:

    Where are the 11 month Basil pictures? Can’t wait to hear more about how things are going in MN.

  4. Brandon Says:

    “A Women’s College at the Heart” !

  5. vagueperson Says:

    What can I say? I’m in a “pink-collar” career…

  6. claire Says:

    it’s very sad that you no longer update this blog now that you’ve moved. also, at st catherine’s there’s this sweet archive of ade bethune’s really cool artwork, you should visit it sometime…

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