So there’s a lot to catch up on.
What should we blog about?

Moving to MN?
Getting a new job?
Montessori training?
Finding a new church?
Minneapolis parks?
Grocery store hunting?
My parents visiting?
Basil’s first birthday?
Visiting the Stiffs and the Roosien wedding?
Our second anniversary?
Scooter/bicycle shopping?
Re-Ferberizing Basil?

I guess we’ll have to go one subject at a time or just post up some photos with minimal commentary.  Can’t be living in the past!

Moving to Minnesota was a quick, somewhat stressful process.  Chris and Margie came and took most of our stuff away in a big moving van.  I packed it as high and full as possible.  Then we were left with a few more living items for our last days in Chicago.  I finished up school and we packed the Nissan Versa as fulls as possible without covering up the front seats or smothering Basil in the back.  That left a few items in the apartment.

Our wonderful friends, the Stiffs, would be living temporarily in our apartment during our last days on the lease, and some of those items ended up staying with the Stiffs for various lengths of time.  (Thank you so much)

We wound our way to the Twin Cities – driving through the night.  Why, do you ask, did we do that?  Because I wanted to leave Chicago on the last possible day.  Chicago Public Schools ended on June 18.  My classes started on June 12, and I just got a job interview for June 11.  So, we decided to leave on June 10 after school and drive through the night.  This turned out wonderful, as Basil slept almost the entire way.  I was dead tired, however.

We arrived in Minnesota early in the morning, and I took a bit of a cat-nap before getting myself ready for the interview.  Well, it just so happens that I got the job a couple of weeks later!  This being my second in-person interview ever, I must conclude that either I am a decent interviewee, a lack of sleep is a benefit, or the job is a good fit.

I’ll be working at a montessori magnet school in the St Paul Public School district.  I am doing my Montessori training at St. Catherine University, which I have stated before.  The downside is that my training this summer has been for lower elementary (grades 1-3) and my job will be for upper elementary (grades 4-6).  I’m not technically trained for the job I got – I will be after next summer.  This year I will be struggling, piecing together the work of my job, trying to survive until I can really understand what I’m supposed to be doing.  The advantage, I’m told (if there is any), is that when I do get trained next summer for upper elementary I am really going to be attentive and excited to learn it.  “Oh, this is what I was supposed to be doing for the last 9 months!”

I got to meet some of my kids, though, and they were pleasant and excited to see me.  Everyone at the school is encouraging and excited for me to be there.  The school is beautiful – it is quite a switch from Barton.  It is also very diverse.

White, not Hispanic 37%
Black, not Hispanic 28%
Hispanic 17%
Asian/Pacific Islander 16%
American Indian/Alaskan Native 2%

Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch program  44%

This is much different from Barton’s 99% Black, 99% free or reduced.  I think the diversity will be really refreshing, and I look forward to seeing how this kind of classroom community is different.  The school is also year-round, which I prefer in principle.  After experiencing little breaks throughout the year rather than one big break in the summer, I may change my mind.

One of the best parts about this school is that their mascot is a little child whose clothes are on fire.

I’ve enjoyed much of my training at St. Catherine’s, but I’ve also been a little surprised.  Much of what I read about Montessori at first dealt with the Children’s House level (ages 3-6), and I thought more of the principles would follow through the elementary years.  Many principles do, but some do not, so it looks a little different than I expected.  There are a few other issues that I’m getting through, but I like my instructors and classmates.  We even met a friend who needed a ride to Chicago and who later gave me some of her sourdough starter!  (I left mine with the Stiffs in Chicago TWICE!)



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  1. yia yia brooke Says:

    I bookmarked your school. It does look nice. Hey, so glad to have the blog up again……but did you really think it would be ok without a giggling Basil???

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