One Step at a Time


Stella, Basil’s cousin closest in age, was in town recently for a very pleasant visit with her parents.  We spent lots of time together.

Stella and Basil aren’t quite at the age where they can really play “together,” but they’re pretty decent at playing very near one another!

<— (Thanks Melissa!)

Others were taking more numerous and higher quality photos.

Stella, though two months the younger, excels in two things Basil has not yet mastered: walking and animal sounds.  I believe I personally heard her moo, pant, roar, and hiss, as well as make a fish/lobster face.  On the walking front, however, it seems Basil is taking a cue from his Aunt Katina.  Word on the street has it that she learned some new skills quite quickly after seeing her younger cousin, Melissa, doing it before her.  Feast your eyes:

And to think, he once looked like this:

He has come so far…



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8 Responses to “One Step at a Time”

  1. lilagreer Says:

    wooow! look at him go!

    maybe you could follow the same principle of mimicry and see if you take him to the fish market to look at lobsters and fish, he’ll slowly master the fish face? hmm. i’m not sure that follows!

    at any rate, we suspect he’ll be walking swiftly by the next time we see him!

  2. vagueperson Says:

    For now we could say that he’s walking rather STIFFly.

  3. Auntie Katina Says:

    Holy moley!! Was this from today?! It’s like he waited for us to leave and then decided to take off!

    We miss you much already.

    Gooooo Basil!

  4. John Says:

    Hooray! Those are probably the most exciting steps I’ve yet seen.

  5. yia-yia brooke Says:

    YEAH YEAH and I can’t stop laughing. I am so proud!!! Send another one!!

  6. claire Says:


  7. Basil's Fans in SF Says:

    We need more pictures of our nephew/cousin. Miss you guys. That’s all.

  8. Melissa Says:

    HAHAH! I love that I made the blog – although I think I peed in a big girl potty first, and Katina didn’t like being shown up by her 4 day younger cousin… I just go w/ what the aunties and mamas tell me – I don’t remember. Whatever the case – Basil, you are an AMAZING walker, I especially like your side-shimmy move :) love you!

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