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Moving 3

September 26, 2010


Click here for pictures of the house before we made an offer.


Moving 2

September 22, 2010


September 21, 2010

We’re moving again on Friday!  Hmm…

Walking and Too Hot!

September 8, 2010

Since when did this become a video blog?  Oh well, these ones are so funny and so representative of Basil these days, they must be posted.

First video is Basil walking confidently with his signature arms up style (this kid is SURE), and his stuffed hippo delivery skills.  You’ll also see at the beginning of the video his whiny refusal to get the monkey or to turn around.

This second video is Basil and I playing a hilarious game of “Feed the Lamb Cayenne Pepper!”  The game started well before the video started and continued well after it ended, even moving into a nutmeg variation.  Basil’s favorite toy recently has been the spice rack, it spins, loads, unloads and clangs around quite nicely.  For this game another player and a  stuffed lamb are required.  It goes like this:

1) Basil hands cayenne pepper to Mama.

2) Mama “feeds” pepper to Lamb and Lamb says “Too hot!  Too hot!”.

3) Basil falls over laughing (literally.)

4) Basil walks/crawls to chair and Mama returns cayenne to rack.

5) Repeat steps one through four until bedtime.  (You’ll get the idea well before the one minute mark in the video!)