October happened…


and we completely failed to blog!  Oops.  Things have been busy around here in the moving, teaching, learning, cooking, playing, normal-ness of life kind of way.  We’re hopelessly behind in recording the goings-on, and the latest photos are not uploaded, so I may resort to scrolling through iphoto and telling you about the summer.  (I’m also trying to simultaneously supervise Basil’s unpacking of the purse/diaper bag… so we’ll see how this goes.)

Did we mention that we moved to Minnesota?  I guess Eric covered that, but I’m not sure he did a good job emphasizing the 6am hike in Black River Falls, WI on the way here.  Maybe because he slept through it.  Well, it was the best part!

Here are some handsome dudes right before a certain (successful!) interview and after a night of no sleep:

We celebrated Auntie Jude’s birthday on Eric’s first day of class at St. Kate’s:

And finally got some sleep in the (formerly) new digs:

Basil enjoyed his first walk around Lake Harriet, and attempted to lose his sunhat several times along the way which sent poor Yiayia backtracking quite a bit.

We hunkered down at Yiayia and Papou’s during a storm, but didn’t end up needing the basement.  I’m not sure if this pose/expression means “it’s hot out”, “I love my truck”, “give me ice cream” or what exactly…

We played at the park A LOT (I’m sparing you a lot of photos here, it’s hard to pick.)

It wasn’t a summer of all play though.  Papa had school work:

And Basil had pounding:

Me?  Mostly playing.  And constantly restocking the not so mysteriously unloaded cupboards:

And soon it was party time!  Basil got to be with all four of his grandparents on his birthday.  Here he is with his Papous:

He liked the strawberries on top of his cake better than the chocolate.  He looked happier in real life!

We hung out with Yiayia at St.Kates, and a whole lot of water fowl.

And Basil got to meet cousin Amy (one of the cousin Amys!):

Cheerios with AK = best treat ever:

We went to Chicago for Mark and Claire’s wedding, it was fantastic!  And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the only photo I got:

That’s Basil at the reception (post diaper malfunction sending him into non-wedding attire) hiding in the table linens.  It really was an incredibly beautiful, comfortable and fun wedding!  Unfortunately Eric had to leave early to drive through the night for his classes at St. Kate’s.  A baby in a front pack is really not the best dancing partner.  But the Uzbek pop music almost made up for my lack of spouse at the reception.

The next day we got to reunite with a few playgroup pals, spend a great day with Lila

and get Basil’s 12 month check up!  Surprisingly, vaccinations right before flying

was a great idea and Basil slept through the whole flight.  He didn’t cry until we landed and saw Papa.  I wanted Papa to carry the beast of a car seat and I would just take Basil.  No.  He needed Papa, IMMEDIATELY.

We got to see my aunts a couple of times this summer and we’ve spent lots of time at ProYiayia and ProPapou’s.  I particularly like this picture of Great Aunt Katina and Basil.  What fun!

Now we come the part of the summer where the camera stopped working due to high humidity.  Thanks to Yiayia’s camera we do have documentation of AK teaching Basil to smash sand castles.  If he loses all his friends at the beach, we’ll know who to blame!

Speaking of the beach, Basil LOVED it.  He had to be stopped multiple times from crawling in too deep.  It was ridiculously fun to see him experience the water for the first time.  And the look on his face when he saw just how much sand he had to work with was priceless.  (Word to the frugal, don’t spend $13 on a swim diaper like we did.  Put your child in a too-small diaper cover.  Same exact thing.  Or a one-size cover set too small.  That would work too.  The orange fishies are pretty cute though.)

We enjoyed concerts at the bandshell.  This is the Minnesota Pops Orchestra.  You can’t see them?  Oh, neither could we.  The diehard fans had the good seats, but we had the crawling space.

Then Stella came to visit!  (Auntie Katina and Uncle Jeff too).  I guess we already posted this bit of news, but I don’t think we shared that they got to meet some chickens at the bookstore.

Or that Basil is IN LOVE with his auntie:

(though he didn’t set the blackberry down for the kiss, did he…)  Seriously though, when he visits Yiayia and Papou’s he likes to page through a photo album and point out every picture of Katina.    Maybe it’s because she taught him to eat Papou’s BBQ Chicken:

And here’s general adorableness:

We went to the state fair!  I loved it (as usual), Basil thought the animals and cheese curds were pretty neat, and Eric asked if I really think I’ll want to go again next year.  Alas, I married a non-Minnesotan, I guess there is a price to pay.  The sheep barn was a hit:

As was the biggest pig in MN (a record year!):

He was not so impressed by the Princess Kay butter heads:

He did like his own little milk experience outside the dairy building:

And a different type of dairy experience happened several times this summer and was more than a big hit:

Then school started, Eric will have to talk about that.

Basil met Meredith:

We packed.

It was hard work!

We moved.

Basil met Danielle:

It was really wonderful to sandwich stressful moving times with visits from dear friends.  And I think it’s a testament to enduring friendship despite distance when you feel comfortable bringing someone into your home that is either immediately pre or post move.

The first couple of nights in the new house were a little rough in the sleep department:

But we followed with a visit from the Stiffs!  And it was fantastic.

You know it’s a good time when you don’t get any pictures until departure.

So… that’s up to the beginning of October, and now I need to find the camera cord again!



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3 Responses to “October happened…”

  1. yia-yia brooke Says:

    it was so exciting and sometimes bittersweet to see all the times i miss! I can’t wait to see you. Hope it all happens. My heart aches for a Basil kiss, but I know he probably only a few he allows this. Maybe a hug, then.

  2. markandclaire Says:

    I love your family! I love your baby! I think I’m … going to write you an e-mail now! (-claire)

  3. Michelle M. Says:

    What a comprehensive update :) You have been REALLY busy! I hope you are settling in now and enjoying the new home. Basil is absolutely adorable, by the way ;)

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