It’s Intersession!


though work is not yet complete.

“Intersession” is our school’s version of summer, cut up throughout the year.  This week has been a little rough with my regular Tuesday night class (5:00-8:00pm) along with two marathon sessions at school: a full day of teaching Thursday with conferences from 5:00-8:00pm and a full day of conferences on Friday from 9:00am-7:00pm.  I think my absence helped Basil learn the word “Papa,” which makes it all worth it!

My two weeks off have officially begun.  I still have two papers (one almost a week late!) due to St. Kate’s as well as work for my online class through Bemidji State.  I need to observe at two schools early next week and still attend the regular Tuesday night class.  Work is not done.

However, upon waking this morning we saw snow!  Work can wait in order to play in the snow with Basil for the first time and in our new home’s backyard.

First, we had cheesy eggs and pancakes:

Then we overdressed with our thrift store and second hand goods:
(thrift store = Papa and Basil boots and jackets; school colleague = mama jacket)

Basil was especially excited about his new snowsuit, which says “Save the Whales”:

I tried to inspire his excitement about the snow, but he was a little apprehensive:

Within about 10 minutes, mama and papa had created a big snow man.  Basil, during this time, repeated to fall down without being able to get up by himself.  We had lots of fun!  I hope he liked it, too

After we came in and undressed a bit on the front porch, I went straight over to the heating vent.  Basil brought us over some pillows and a blanket, and we warmed up in front of the fire. (ok, the fireplace was just behind us but hasn’t been cleaned yet…)

Happy snowy Saturday!



Other pictures…

Who’s splattering Basil with food?

Visiting the St. Croix river with folks from church:

Here I baked some hamburger buns for a dinner party.  This was the last time I became depressed that I was not a poor baker who never got to see his family.  I’m currently cured:

Basil enjoys playing with his great-grandpa’s train set.  He’s not old enough yet but it was a fun introduction:

Basil enjoys mama’s new project:

Basil tries out the new tight-pants fad.  Does he pull it off successfully?  Maybe it’s the paw prints…

Over and out!



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