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Pictures from December to…

March 19, 2011

Waiting for Stella:

Cheese bread and Harry Potter (Papa’s Christmas activities):

Basil’s Christmas activities:

Family arrives!:

Presents for colleagues (cinnamon raisin swirl):

My first attempt at christopsomo (Greek Christmas bread):

Ciabatta sandwich rolls to break the Advent fast:

Elizabeth makes a cake for ProPapou’s birthday (Dec. 25):

I decorate the massive sandwich cake:

Basil’s new activity:

Momma’s new activity (first goecache find!):

So much better than television!!!:

First try at Vasilopita (St. Basil’s Day bread – New Years):

Caught in the act!:

“Hey, no pictures!”:

Balderdashing on New Year’s Eve:

Ongoing kitchen beautification project:

No longer satisfied to stand back and watch the baking:


Wrangler advert:

Lounging and double-fisted pickles:

Whole wheat breads:

First hair cut.  Mama’s too sentimental about things like this, so Papa’s on the job.

He doesn’t even know what’s going on:

In our new oven, I’m able to switch out the round pizza stone with a collection of unglazed quarry tiles, which enables larger baking surface:

First attempt at Ethiopian injera – I’m now quite happy with the results I’m getting:

Basil’s ark:

Crazy hair day:


Hugging mama:


Don’t mess with Alfalfa:

Mesmerized by monkeys at Como zoo:

We stayed here for a long while:

Writer’s block:

Drawing family members (or scribbling upon their faces):

Waiting for papa…:

I made a couple of bookcases over a break just for fun.  We then realized we don’t have (or want) enough books to fill them up!:

Homemade pizza during meatfare:

Basil, onion, and goat cheese:

Big beard be gone!:

“You mean the snow goes away?!”

Reading with Papou Chris:

Consider yourself updated! :)