900 Miles to the Gallon Machine… It’s Good For The Body and It’s Good For Your Soul, Country Living’s Gonna Make You Whole


The Grain Grinding Song by Leone Hunt

Papou Sam gifted us with a home mill, and we have been building our muscles!

My first bake from home-milled flour was a type of cracker:

The next bake involved home-milled whole wheat sourdough loaves:

We’ve also used our fresh milled flour to make vegan pancakes, vegan banana cake, injera, vegan peanut-butter cookies, pineapple cake, and Elizabeth is currently working on a no-knead bread.

Why so many desserts you might ask (especially during Lent!)?  I will answer this question in a future post.

The mill is great because it will allow us to create a wide variety of our own flours – oat, bean, wheat, rice, corn, etc, as well as the possibility of things like peanut-butter if we are brave enough to risk the mess.  We can choose how fine/course, which has a direct consequence on the resistance while turning.

I’m still reading Peter Reinhart’s book on whole grain baking, but I think it will be a challenge to find a good book that mixes artisan bread baking with home flour milling – his book expects one to use store-bought flour.

My understanding of the benefits:
– Choice of consistency, variety of flours
– Retention of all vitamins, minerals, and fiber of the wheat berry
– Freshest flour
– Ability to depend on long-term wheat storage instead of frequent store trips for four
– Possibility of making peanut-butter, chickpea flour, etc.
– No need to buy a gym membership!

In other news, Papou Chris and I have been putting on fashion shows with Basil:

Strut your stuff, Papou!

Basil really likes the lake that’s only blocks from the house.  It’s still a bit icy, but winter is over!

Basil’s also working on his developing curls.  He has some work to do yet, but what’s there sure is pleasing to the eye:



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4 Responses to “900 Miles to the Gallon Machine… It’s Good For The Body and It’s Good For Your Soul, Country Living’s Gonna Make You Whole”

  1. Mary Says:

    Wow, that’s really neat that you guys have a mill! I’m impressed with all the things you’ve made from it. Pineapple cake, mmm.
    ps Basil’s curls are super cute.

  2. John Says:

    Hey wow! Looks likes there’s no snow in those lake-side pictures, which must be super nice.

    The mill looks mighty fine, too. I guess when the bomb drops, we’ll all be making our way to your garage!

  3. Auntie KM Says:

    The pictures of you dudes in the hats are my favorite. Love them. Miss you all.


  4. vagueperson Says:

    Make a visit to St. Paul, and we’ll treat you to some freshly-milled home baked bread. And I’ll even wear a hat for you while I’m grinding, Katina.

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