Basil Smiling?


Basil has learned to smile for a camera but it comes out as a grimace.

See if you can make a smile out of any of these:


No, he’s not “rocking out,” he’s just smiling.

Here’s how he can look when he’s not trying…


Also, nice hat, Little Cap!  It says “Evan” inside and I have a picture of myself wearing it as a wee lad.



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3 Responses to “Basil Smiling?”

  1. clairenadine Says:

    my brother did the exact same thing when we told him to smile! So cute!

    and congratulations on the new Saathoff!

  2. precisewoman Says:

    Thank you Claire!
    The little experience I have with your brother is that he is charming and has killer dance moves. I will extrapolate that this bodes well for Basil.

  3. Auntie KM Says:

    Basil could not possibly be any cuter. Love the hat, and the t-shirt, and especially the smile… sneer.

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