Tripping in Nebraska and Kansas


We are in the middle of one of my “intersessions,” and since Elizabeth was given travel clearance (for now!) by her doctor, we decided to visit my folks before they head off to Taiwan.

On the way we thought it good to visit my Grandma Birdie in Nebraska, as well.

Here we are eating and greeting at a rest stop along the way.  It’s nice to picnic on a roadtrip.

He enjoyed his time (as did we) with his Pro-Yiayia in Nebraska.  A loud train goes by right behind her house and there is a rooster living across the street.

A pleasant surprise to our trip was that not only did we see my grandmother and cousin, but my aunt and uncle we there, as well.  On our way out of town, we got to stop by and visit with some cows, horses, and large dogs.  Basil liked it only after the fact.


We also decided to stop by Eighth Day Books in Wichita, and were warmly greeted by another cousin of mine who bought us lunch and took us to the bookstore.  There were some gems in the store, but books can be so expensive…

Then we finally made it to Cherokee to see Yiayia Brooke and Papou Sam.  One of the first things Yiayia did was break out some of my old toys.  Basil had no problem studying the methods of diversion of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

While Basil was playing cars with Yiayia, his Papa (me) was busy doing serious work with Papou Sam.

We baked a ton.  Papou Sam bought us a new Lodge Combo Cooker that you will be reading about in the next post.

One of the most celebrated features of my parents’ home location are the deer.  Basil enjoyed them immensely.

Basil read many books when he wasn’t driving cars around or looking at wild animals.

Basil had a wonderful time playing with both Yiayia Brooke and Papou Sam.

While Basil was getting close to his grandparents, his Mama and Papa were afforded some date time!  How did we spend it?  Geocaching in rural Kansas.

At a cemetery:

At the base of a telephone pole:

At a rural bridge:

At another, more historic bridge:


We also went on a more typical date to the restaurant I worked at in high school.  The sirloin and brisket are still tasty.

The nearest Orthodox church we could visit that had a priest serving was in Springfield, 2 hours from my parents’ house.  We decided to all go to Springfield and afterwards visited a local restaurant of “throwed rolls” fame – Lambert’s.  This place is unique for three reasons: 1) “throwed rolls”, 2) several fixin’s brought from table to table, and 3) free seconds on any order.  None of us ordered seconds, though Basil might have if we let him.


My father noted the Travel Channel’s conclusion that this restaurant is the top “pig out” place in the country.

On the way home we stopped at an Amish store / welcome center in Iowa.

There Basil became infatuated with pet pillows.  Since they were $30 and weird he was not allowed to take one home.

They also featured some cows out front that scared Basil until he was able to investigate them himself.

He was more comfortable but less fascinated with them than the real cows in Nebraska.

Overall it was a wonderful trip.  Thanks, Yiayia Brooke and Papou Sam!



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One Response to “Tripping in Nebraska and Kansas”

  1. yia-yia brooke Says:

    THANK YOU!! It was wonderful to play.

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