Vitiligo Update


It seems that many people come to our blog to see pictures of our son because they know us.  Then there are a lot of other people who end up here because they are repairing rocking chairs, pregnant, baking bread, or curious about vitiligo.  I wanted to see pictures of people with vitiligo when I first recognized it, so I am happy to provide more information for those who may come looking for it.

Here I will show photos of my hands from 8/23/09 and today, 8/8/11.

The difference in darkness of my normal skin is probably due to the difference in lighting in the two pictures.  I have to take these in August because it is near the end of the summer when my skin is at its darkest.  When winter begins to set in it is nearly impossible to tell I have vitiligo.  My skin becomes so pale it is almost as white as skin that has no pigment.

I know vitiligo severely affects some people’s lives.  Thank God it has had and probably will have very little effect on me because I am already so white to begin with.  Am I thanking God that I’m white?  Perhaps dangerous territory!



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2 Responses to “Vitiligo Update”

  1. cris Says:

    so how are ur hands now days? I have like 2 months with my hands like your first photo in 2008, so just wondering how your hands look now days, and if you take some treatment or just nothing… thanks for sharing!

  2. vagueperson Says:

    I thought I would reply to your question with a new post with new pictures, as I think that’s the only way to really let you see the progress. Unfortunately, it’s November, and my skin whitens to a point that you can’t see the Vitiligo spots during winter. Right now they are visible, but not a very strong contrast for the camera to pick up.

    The spots have continued to spread on my hands, but not at a rapid pace. I have not noticed spots on other parts of my body besides my face.

    I now have white spots that create circles out from my eyes – more uniform than this:

    It’s noticeable to me when I look in the mirror, but I’m not sure how obvious it is to others since I am a pale skinned person. I also have light colored hairs in my beard all around my mouth, and my wife and I wonder if they are from vitiligo – I am not going to shave to look for spots, however.

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