Many Visitors!


We were happy to see many friends in the hours and days after Macrina’s birth.  Here are a few photos:


Papou Chris:

Basil holding Macrina:


Phyl, Jason, and Jake:

Basil holding Macrina again:

Andrea and Teagan:

A couple hospital visitors didn’t make it into photographs: Uncle Richard, Fr. Jonathon and Emily Johnson come to mind.  We look forward to everyone else meeting Macrina and more experiences of Basil being a great older brother.



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3 Responses to “Many Visitors!”

  1. Yia Yia Brooke Says:

    I am just so full of love and excitement! I keep imagineing touching you all!

  2. lilagreer Says:

    We can hardly wait to be visitors too, and soonish, Lord willing!

  3. vagueperson Says:

    Very much looking forward to Yiayia Brooke, Papou Sam, and Nouno and Nouna (with baby)

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