Doctor De Soto Goes to Africa


I’ve been going to thrift stores recently and picking up some books for Basil.  I happened upon the book Doctor De Soto Goes to Africa by William Steig.  I never new there was a sequel to his Doctor De Soto, a book I consider a children’s classic.  Well, boy was I in for a surprise!

Here are a couple choice selections from the book:

“Doctor Bernard De Soto was such a one-in-a-million, humdinger of a dentist that the whole world knew about him, and also about his wife, Deborah, who helped him work his wonders.”

“A hand covered his mouth, and he was hustled off in the clutches of a certain rhesus monkey, Honkitonk by name.”

“Honkitonk bore a grudge against Mudambo, who had referred to him, in public, as ‘a moron.’  He hadn’t emigrated from India just to be insulted by an ill-bred pachyderm with a preposterous schnozzola.  He wanted Mudambo to suffer!”

The book was signed by William Steig in 1994, to boot!  When he was 87 years old!

… more pictures of Macrina to come…



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One Response to “Doctor De Soto Goes to Africa”

  1. AK the Second Says:

    It should go without saying that I love all the new family pictures and can’t wait to see all of you in a couple days. However, I must comment and applaud the awesomeness of this thrift store find. WOW! And it’s autographed?! I look forward to reading it. See you soon.

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