Little Free Library chez Saathoff


I first read about the Little Free Libraries in a Star Tribune article.  Since then I’ve also heard about them in a story on NPR, which has a bit wider reach.

From the moment I read about them I was hooked.  We needed one of those.  But without the tools or the know-how, I sent my father a link to the plans and asked if he’d be willing to put it together and then we could paint it.  This was about the time he decided I needed a circular saw.  So, I went to it.

The first layer was thick plywood, covered with several layers of poly to keep it rainproof.  The plans recommend using recycled materials, so I found some old shingles in the garage and old fence pickets.  I cut those down and created the exterior to the library.

Above you can see our homemade “Little Free Library” sign.  After we registered with the organization, they sent us an official sign that says “Charter  #0907.”  We both felt it had a bit too much text on it – too busy – so I cut off the bottom, and now it looks quite nice.

We had a couple neighbors come by just to say “thank you.”  Several neighbors have told us what a good idea they thought it was.  It’s the most fun for me to come home from work and see what’s changed inside – what’s been taken or returned or what new books have appeared.  When things get thin, we can easily replenish the contents from a nearby thrift store with a steady supply of good books.

My next plan is to grow some Boston Ivy at the bottom of the post to grow up on three of the sides.  I don’t know a thing about growing vines, but from what I’ve read they don’t take much effort.

Happy reading!



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2 Responses to “Little Free Library chez Saathoff”

  1. brooke saathoff or yia yia Says:

    I’l some books for it! Love that it is CHARTERED!! ALso, dig the pink shirt.

  2. AK the Second Says:

    So cool!

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