Total Lack of Internet Presence


We do still USE the internet.  And I haven’t actually deleted my facebook page, though I can’t access it from home.

But the exciting wonderful news hereabouts is that there’s a new Saathoff sister!  La plus petite soeur is due mid-late January and sittin’ pretty (swimming, I suppose) now at 22 weeks.

If you are our close personal friend and somehow see this post (having bothered to keep this blog on a reader even after google-reader ended?!?) you can email and we can share pictures on snapfish. There’s lots and lots of highly unorganized, unedited and un-captioned cuteness.

In far less exciting news (and probably equally un-surprising!), we’re trying our hand at a bit of homeschooling this year.  Basil is still only 4 and compulsory education doesn’t begin until 7 in MN.  But the wide-eyed looks when people hear he’s not in PreK apparently start now.  We’ve begun some more intentional learning and maybe, just oh so maybe, this space will be used to chronicle a bit of that.

But not in the winter.  God willing we’ll be back with triple cuteness explosion photos!








Our first photo as a family of five.  Basil wasn’t having it and Macrina insisted on carrying a cross.  They’re quite pleased about the new baby now.


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