Week 1 Learning Stuff Highlights


We started “preschool” the last week of August since that’s when Papa headed back to work.  Basil has no concept of “homeschool” or “doing preschool” and thinks he “goes to school” by attending Church school and French class.  I think we’ll leave it that way as long as possible since there’s no telling what we’ll do next anyways.

It was a transition week just like all the other “Papa back to work” weeks, so we had some extra emotions to work around.  But it was an especially nice time for new routines.  We’re ever so loosely using the “Harvest Time” curriculum from WeeFolkArt (just the book list and activities), attempting some Montessori math lessons, somewhat intentionally “playing Church school” at home, and continuing with French phonics lessons.  Eric is in charge of reading/writing so he’ll have to write out the nitty gritty of that if he so chooses.

Having just finished our fifth week, it’s clear our plans have been pruned by the forces of… life.  Keeping notes of the “educational” aspects of the day usually surprises me to see how much is done, and how much of it is regular life and not the planned aspects.  It also shows very varied days and a lot of missed opportunities. I’m getting a little better at planning realistically.

Bullet points and photos are less of a “day in the life” retelling, but far easier to record:

-Read “Tops and Bottoms” by Janet Stevens and “Vegetables” by Gail Gibbons for our vegetable theme.  Other books of note, because someone in the crew liked them a lot (a lot more than this were read): “Pet of the Met” by Lydia and Don Freeman, “Children of the Forest” by Elsa Beskow, and “Lentil” by Robert McClosky.  We started reading “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The story of Joseph in Egypt was read through in the Children’s Bible Reader.

-We went to the park and I tried to teach left vs right on the way there.  Lots of cute pointing out of the stroller from both children, but that’s all.  We’ll try again in a few years!  Mostly they were pretending to have a concert.  The music was… progressive?

-Restarted recording the date and important events for the month on a calendar.  Read the stories of St Elizabeth (mother of the forerunner), looked at her icon and read through her hymns.

-Joined up with a homeschool playgroup for one morning.  It was terribly terribly hot out, but we wound up pouring water all over and keeping relatively cool.

-Took a walk at the lake.

-Made paint from cornstartch.  Mixing the colors was a big hit.  This is what happens when I ask Basil to smile.

-Made salt dough vegetables to play with.  You can’t see the veggie he’s holding. But we’re closer to a smile!

-Took a trip to the grocery store to try a new vegetable.  Tried taro root (okay, kind of like spongy celery) and dragon fruit (pretty tasty, like a less acidic kiwi).  Found root, leaf, stem, flower bud, fruit, bulb, tuber and seed vegetables.

-Went to the downtown farmers market to enjoy a bluegrass concert, admire vegetables, and pick up cabbage for kraut.  Clogging was a main form of percussion for the band.  I’m a fan!  On the bus on the way to the market and then the band:

-Introduced the red rods.  (We never let pants get in the way of our education.)

-Wrote letters to friends.  This devolved rather quickly into making letters out of crayons.  (We don’t let original plans, shirts or the fact that we have moose antlers get in the way either.)

Maybe I’ll write another one of these sooner than 5 weeks from now and remember more.


4 Responses to “Week 1 Learning Stuff Highlights”

  1. deopatriaeamicis Says:

    “We never let pants get in the way of our education.” I feel like you should make that your school motto :). It’s fun to see what you’re doing for PreK. My parents didn’t start home schooling us until I was in First Grade so, while I’ve seen a lot of options for elementary/junior high/high school, I’m just starting to learn about options for PreK/Kindergarten. Is it odd that I’m getting excited about curriculum options 3 years before ours are old enough?

  2. deopatriaeamicis Says:

    Oh, also, congratulations on the new little one on the way!

  3. precisewoman Says:

    Thanks Sarah! It’s wonderful to hear from you.
    When we were deciding to try homeschool we made a list of people we knew who were homeschooled. There were a surprising number from our alma mater! I’ve recalled your story of running a lawn care business several times as an example of what is important in our kids’ education. That is, we want to provide real life failure! Sounds a little funny said so flippantly, but opportunities to try real things and fail before leaving home seem really important.
    I would love to hear more about your plans as “teacher” after being at home as a “student”. (And I don’t think curricular excitement three years early is strange at all. I have mental book lists for reading with Macrina that won’t be appropriate for a good 7 years!)

  4. Sisterface Says:

    Lizardo- I missed that you are blogging (ever so sporadically) again. Keep it up. I wish Stella could visit your preschool sometimes. It looks like so much fun! And you know we approve of the pants optional approach :)

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