Fake Great Harvest


Well, not exactly fake.  It’s real bread, but it’s not really Great Harvest.  I found a copycat recipe online here http://finditloveitshareit.blogspot.com/2011/10/honey-whole-wheat-bread.html and tweaked it a bit.  I think the original person was baking at high altitude and using some kind of kneading machine.  This is in the hand kneaded midwestern version. I’ve made this with fresh ground wheat, but I have been using Dakota Maid recently (the cheapest and the best for whole wheat flour, in my opinion).


10c whole wheat flour (about 1400 grams, much easier with a scale!)

3tsp salt

2 scant T active dry yeast (yes, that’s Tablespoon, I was shocked too, but I tried skimping too far and it didn’t work as well)

4c really warm water

1/4c honey

Mix the honey and water, sprinkle yeast on top.  Let that sit while you measure the flour and salt into a big bowl. Pour the water/honey/yeast into the dry ingredients and mix it up.  Knead until it stays in a ball, then knead 10 minutes more. (Probably 12min all together). It’s a pretty wet dough, so sprinkle more flour on the table if it’s sticking too much.  Put it back in the big bowl, cover with a dishtowel and let sit 30 minutes.  Right after you set the timer, generously butter up two big sandwich-loaf sized pans, preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and put a casserole dish filled with water on the bottom rack.  When your timer goes off punch the bread down (I like to give it 30 punches like the original copycat recipe says – kapow!), cut the dough in half and put it in the pans.  It doesn’t need to be “shaped” really, just pat it in there. Cover the pans with the dishcloth and let them sit somewhere warm (I leave mine on top of the stove) for 30 minutes.  When that timer goes off pop them in the oven for one hour. Get them out of the pans immediately and cool on a rack. Double wrapped the loaves freeze well.

In the world of gluten free paleo people and soaked grain traditions it’s a rather retro recipe. But so tasty. Good for snacking, sandwiches, grilled cheese, toast (french, cinnamon) – so tasty!


One Response to “Fake Great Harvest”

  1. Sisterface Says:

    I want to try. Also, how are you finding time to bake bread?

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