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Emilia Margaret is here!

January 30, 2014

Emilia arrived at 11:02 on January 23rd.  She weighed in at 7lbs8oz and was 20ish inches long.  Emilia’s entrance was after a very quick labor and dramatic delivery, but we all seem to be healthy and settling in now.  She is remarkably calm and very alert at times.

Basil and Macrina are in love.  We all are.

The last picture of Macrina’s babyhood:


63 minutes later:



I wish this picture hadn’t turned out so dark.  Macrina’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she got to hold Emilia.:

Lately Basil has become more and more enthusiastic about just about everything in a loud 4yr old boy kind of way. But when he’s with Emilia the enthusiasm quiets into a sort of blissful state.  It’s delightful. Emilia did start fussing when Basil held her the first time and Macrina quickly reprimanded him, “Basil, kiss her head!!”:

And a family photo.  We’ll keep working on it.:

Of course this isn’t Emilia’s usual look, but it’s pretty funny.:

Home again:

We have a new router that’s speeding things up, so perhaps we’ll be back here more frequently.  But really, we’ll probably just be cuddling.


Basil’s Little Sister!

October 31, 2011

The Saathoff (nuclear) family has increased to four terrestrial beings: Papa, Mama, Basil, and Macrina.

As I wrote in an email that went out earlier:

“Contractions began around 4:00am, we made it to the hospital at 6:50am, and the baby girl beat the doctor at 7:30am.

Macrina Brooke weighed 7lbs 6oz, 21 inches.  Very healthy and good at nursing.”

She is named for St Macrina the Younger, sister of St. Basil the Great, and both of her yiayias (Brooke).

– Here is the Life of Macrina, written by her brother, St. Gregory of Nyssa.
– Here is a dialogue written by St. Gregory between himself and Macrina concerning the soul and resurrection.
Here is a shorter version of her life.

Big brother is a big, big fan, as is everyone else.  Fr. Jonathan stopped by to give a blessing.  All local family have met her, as well.  We look forward to seeing the distant family!  Until then…



Moving 2

September 22, 2010

Walking and Too Hot!

September 8, 2010

Since when did this become a video blog?  Oh well, these ones are so funny and so representative of Basil these days, they must be posted.

First video is Basil walking confidently with his signature arms up style (this kid is SURE), and his stuffed hippo delivery skills.  You’ll also see at the beginning of the video his whiny refusal to get the monkey or to turn around.

This second video is Basil and I playing a hilarious game of “Feed the Lamb Cayenne Pepper!”  The game started well before the video started and continued well after it ended, even moving into a nutmeg variation.  Basil’s favorite toy recently has been the spice rack, it spins, loads, unloads and clangs around quite nicely.  For this game another player and a  stuffed lamb are required.  It goes like this:

1) Basil hands cayenne pepper to Mama.

2) Mama “feeds” pepper to Lamb and Lamb says “Too hot!  Too hot!”.

3) Basil falls over laughing (literally.)

4) Basil walks/crawls to chair and Mama returns cayenne to rack.

5) Repeat steps one through four until bedtime.  (You’ll get the idea well before the one minute mark in the video!)

Two New Videos and a Trip to the Zoo

May 20, 2010

Basil’s sense of humor is… unique.  We enjoy it a lot, but sometimes it’s puzzling.  Take this bout of laughter:

What could be so funny?  And how was it SO funny that I had time to grab the camera and record another spell of guffaws?

I was pounding the lumps out of the futon mattress.  Hilarious.

Basil recently got his seventh tooth which was a drooly, chewy, but not very fussy process.  I think it was a reason for Basil’s rediscovery of his tongue.  The first bout of tongue fascination was a little more intense.  But the noises this time are pretty incredible.

Last weekend we took a trip to the Brookfield Zoo with Alexander (the other baby baptized on Holy Saturday) and his parents and godparents.  It was a celebration of Alexander’s first birthday.  It was great fun. Basil seemed to like watching the people more than the animals.  I admit to liking the people watching and animal watching about the same.  I think Eric liked the primates best.  We failed to take a good group shot, but we did get a few of Basil meeting some goats.

Goats are scary!  Actually, the goats were a bit too friendly – which made them scary!  I had to pull part of the Ergo carrier out from deep within the goat’s throat, and Claire nearly lost half her skirt into its jaws

Also, check out this hair.  It’s how we know Basil is overdue for a bath.


Cute Pictures of Basil at 10 Months!

May 15, 2010

I’m pretty sure most people don’t read this blog for pictures of bread.  The last few posts have probably been a bit of a let down for Basil fans.  In an effort to please both bread and/or Basil fans, here’s a picture of him eating some raisin bread:

Besides bread eating, Basil has been very interested in small spaces.  Under the table is a favorite spot (especially when there is a broom evading cheerio on the loose):

Basil in a Bucket!  Basil in a Box!

After a bout of congestion and little interest in solid food, Basil started eating with gusto and pleasure again (pictured with dahl, rice, tomato, avocado, egg yolk, and spinach):

Basil has gotten very good at picking dandylions and enjoys crawling around the Point quite a bit:

And now, the better late than never 10 month photo!

look at those long legs!!!

and that grin!!

We’re off to the zoo today with our ONE year old friend Alexander… more photos to come.


Part II: First Christmas in Kansas

January 6, 2010

We made it to Kansas just before a heavy ice storm followed by snow, which make the roads very dangerous in a part of the country without city resources for massive road clearing.  Thanks be to God that Evan and his crew made it safely from Lawrence through the thick of it on Christmas Eve.

They brought their dog, Arrow, and took a romp on Christmas morning.

Basil, Dad, and the rest of us stayed warm and toasty inside.

Mom and Dad’s new house in the country looked really great.

Yiayia Brooke and Papou Sam had a great time visiting with baby Basil, who’s almost 6 months old now.

During his time in Kansas he made a lot of progress.  Here’s now doing an “army crawl” almost anywhere he wants to go.

And he has sprouted a tooth or two.  It took some work to get you a photo.

Me – “Can I take a look at your tooth?”

Basil – “Hmm… Let me think about it.”

“Nah, hands off, BUB!”

“Ok, now it’s alright, but take a picture – it’ll last longer!”

While in Kansas, we took time to visit my old teacher, Linda Knoll.

She served us up some homemade minestrone, and we talked about education in Chicago and the Heartland.  Basil hopes to see her again.

We also took time to visit the famed Chicken Annie’s, part of the group of fried chicken providers in S.E. Kansas.

Zoom in on the page for a history of Chicken Annie’s.  It wasn’t too expensive, but the prices have really gone up from when Annie started the place!  Yiayia and Papou were babysitting for us while we were out.  We didn’t know what we’d find when we came home, but we were surprised to find Basil asleep in Yiayia Brooke’s arms.  What a pleasant evening out.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.

We had a great time in Kansas and look forward to our next visit for grandparent time.


Month 5 = 1 + 4 and Whole Lot More

December 4, 2009

Basil has made it to 5 months of age.  I have cropped his chair portraits a bit for better comparison and added a couple of outtakes from this time around.

As you can see, his stomach muscles are developing, and he is nearly sitting up by his own strength.


Going back in time, on the day following my birthday, Nov 21st, Basil spent his second evening with babysitters.  These were the Selkings, and I believe there are photos of his first kiss (from Evangeline), but that will have to come later after we’ve seen and potentially censored it.

Sort of at the last moment I chose a Puerto Rican restaurant that I thought we’d been to before.  It was called La Palma, but it’s now clear I was thinking of Las Palmas, a fancy Mexican restaurant.

When we drove by I was not impressed

but the people were super friendly, and the food was much, much better than the Ukrainian food we had tried the night before.

Lizzy kept the E-phone handy in case there were any major E’s (besides me, that is).  And this time I think she really enjoyed herself – she wasn’t just pretending or she became really good at pretending.


In excitement to meet his Aunt Katina and her family at Thanksgiving, Basil donned a cute hooded bath towel she made him before he had a name.

LC = Little Cap

Once in Minneapolis, Basil wasted little time in making his acquaintance with cousin Stella!

They were really bosom buddies from the start.

Basil met lots of new friends:

Proyiayia Stella

Propapou Mike

Great Aunt Katina

Uncle Jeff

Great Aunt Jude

His future cross-country coach, Zhao

Our friend Betty

Great Uncle Bill

Proyiayia Stella and Papou Chris made a great Thanksgiving dinner that satisfied me until the next morning, though the Boosalis clan somehow saved room for more pasta at suppertime that I passed up.

While I was in Minneapolis, I noticed a really cool fashion trend and decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon.  Supposedly it helps keep your neck warm.  I present to you my new hair-do:

Whatever you want to call this haircut, it is definitely “Achy Breaky.”

Really, that became this

It was just time for my 1.5 year cut, but with my newfound freedom I’ve been wearing hats like crazy, which is a plus in cold winter weather.

When we got back to Chicago, we were thrilled to spend some time with our friends, John, Lila, Claire, and Mark.  We had dinner, and Lila gave Basil a very fun book.  He’s already reading it on his own.

One last piece of news: the rheumatologists at UIC have informed me that I do not have lupus but do still have lupus anticoagulant.  So I’ll be a rat poison man for life.  It’s better than failing organs!



October 25, 2009

What’s been happening?  We’ve been slow on putting things up – mostly because we’ve repeatedly forgotten to add photos to the computer!

Earlier this month, Evan, Tara, and Madison came to meet Basil.  Basil is Madison’s only cousin, and she is the first (of two) that he’s met.  We really enjoyed seeing them together and hanging out with Evan and Tara again.  Thank you so much for taking the trip up to Chicago.

IMG_2258 IMG_2262

IMG_2263 IMG_2266

We look forward to seeing them in Mom and Dad’s new house at Christmas.


On the 20th was Elizabeth’s birthday.  I had tried arranging some babysitting, but she wasn’t yet comfortable with that, so we ended up taking Basil with us to Nuevo Leon in Pilsen.  Later in the week we had Claire and Mark over for dinner and practiced leaving Basil with someone just long enough to get some dessert at the Florian Café.  Elizabeth had a vanilla milkshake and mine was Moose Tracks.  I had lots of fun, and Elizabeth pretended to, as well!  When we returned, Basil was indeed still intact, as was the house, and our dear friends had not only cared for our son but washed the dishes, too!  Thanks, friends.

IMG_2280 IMG_2281


In Basil News, he has begun training for a new Guinness Record – hand eating / mouth stuffing.

IMG_2191 IMG_2192

He has also been increasing standing time and tummy time along with expected cuteness increases.

IMG_2190 (<– posed)  IMG_2209

He’s also greatly increased his vocalizing and we think he has begun giggling occasionally with his frequent smiles.  Unfortunately, you’ll just have to imagine the sound with these pictures.

IMG_2217 IMG_2218

IMG_2229 IMG_2277

Over and out!


Month three

October 5, 2009

Here’s Basil’s photo at three months.  It is closer in position to the first month photo.  Pay special attention to the changes in his face; also note that he is mid-smile and finally facing the camera.  He is much more perceptive than he used to be, and the personality is growing as he continues to vocalize.

IMG_1790 IMG_1998 (month 1 and 2)

IMG_2148 (month 3)